Rolling Rhino Remix

Ubuntu finally got Rolling!

Laptop with Rolling Rhino Remix.

Rolling Rhino Remix

Rolling Rhino Remix is an unofficial Ubuntu flavour which converts the Ubuntu operating system into a rolling release Linux distribution by tracking the devel series. A rolling release distribution is a Linux distribution which receives continuous package updates, and as such there are no major updates (unlike Ubuntu’s current release model where there is clear progression between versions). A rolling release model offers new and experienced users a new way to utilise their desktop PC, without the hassle of major upgrades.

• It is important to note that Rolling Rhino Remix is a Linux distribution for those who are already experienced with Linux, it is not recommended to use this distribution as a beginner.

Why use Rolling Rhino Remix?

If you prefer the easy-to-use nature of Ubuntu but prefer the style of a rolling release from other distributions such as Arch Linux then Rolling Rhino Remix might be for you! We work hard to ensure that Rolling Rhino Remix has the best possible user experience. We have created tools and additional repositories to try to ensure that Ubuntu works smoothly as a Rolling Release distribution.

I have personally felt like Ubuntu should have always adopted the rolling release model rather than providing interim releases. Ubuntu would still be able to provide LTS releases for enterprise use and those who would prefer a point release distribution, and then the rolling release version could be provided as the recommended distribution for desktop users.

What new tools are included in the distribution?

We have created our home-grown utility called Rhino. Rhino has two commands, rhino-update and rhino-config.

rhino-update is our extensible update utility, which will ensure that the system is updated smoothly. Due to the extensibility of our update utility, you can use rhino-config to configure the updates you can receive. You are able to use rhino-config for an ever-increasing list of features, such as enabling the installation and upgrades of the latest Linux kernel, removing and replacing snapd with Flatpaks and enabling Pacstall on your system.

Pacstall is an AUR-like package manager for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based systems, and we have worked closely with the Pacstall developers to integrate it into our distribution. Pacstall brings the experience of the Arch User Repository directly to Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based systems with an ever-growing number of user-maintained packages.

To learn more about all of the tools we have included in our distribution, please read our documentation.

How do I utilise the distribution?

This is important to read as you will need the documentation in order to understand how the distribution functions and is fundamentally different from Ubuntu. You will need to go through some additional steps to get started such as initialising the distribution. Updating the distribution is also different compared to how you would on a standard Ubuntu desktop. It is recommended that you read our Quick Start Guide in order to understand and utilise our distribution correctly.